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Welcome to Byron Bay Basketball

Because we LOVE this game!

Here's some basic information about basketball in Byron Bay. If you have any more detailed questions, feel free to ask on our Contacts Page. Please remember, we're all volunteers here and we're all trying to enjoy this great game.
Competition Game Days
  • Primary School Boys and Girls
    Saturday morning from 9am (Term 2 & 3 boys play Monday after school)
  • High School Boys - Pool A & B
  • High School Boys - Pool C Developing
    Monday night from 5.30pm - extra coaching development for U12s new to the game
  • High School Girls
    Thursday Night from 4.45pm
  • Mixed Comp - Women & Men
    Tuesday Night from 6pm
  • Mens Comp - A Grade & B Grade
    Thursday Night from 6.30pm

Court Controllers & Covid Marshalls - our new world

In all our Seniors and Juniors Competitions we now are required to by law to conduct our games with an added degree of safety. That's why every team in every game must nominate a Volunteer to assist with Court Controlling (managing a safe sporting environment) and as a Covid Marshall (ensuring everyone is checked in, all surfaces are wiped down after your game). We play our great game at the invitation of the council run Cavanbah Centre. If we don't follow their rules we won't be allwed to play. So please help us to do our part by nominating two people each week from every team to assist. Check with your Competition Director, Samara or Fletcher, for more guidance.

In our Seniors division, teams must also offer a Volunteer to run the bench. In our Juniors division we ask our Parents to Volunteer for bench duty, one parent per team. The bench requires two people - one to keep the game sheet and one to run the clock/score board.

Please remember, we're all volunteers here and we're all trying to enjoy this great game.


Covid Updates:
Covid restrictions continue to affect indoor sports venues in 2021.  

What does this mean? One Team Volunteer from each team is required to assist as a Covid Marshall who will;

  1. Check all players or parents are checked in with the NSW Covid App before they enter the courts

  2. Actively monitor 1 person per 2 square meter rule (or 4m2 rule as required)

  3. Check for masks on all off-court parents if required by law

We're all volunteers here at Byron Bay Basketball, and it takes a lot of parents to pitch in to make this game possible for our teams. Thank you in advance for helping to make basketball happen this season. 

Please remember, we're all volunteers here and we're all trying to enjoy this great game.


Court Bookings for Private Team Trainings

Our indoor courts a tthe Cav are at premium. Games take precedence, then Representative Team trainings, and then with any extra available court time teams may make private court bookings for team trainings. All private trainings will be booked directly with the Cav (Go see them in person or call on 02 6685 5911 and speak with Tess preferably) and then all bookings will be approved by Fletcher Potanin of the BBBA to avoid scheduling conflicts. You'll pay your court fees direct to the Cav, but your booking will be put through as a BBBA booking so that your players will be covered by insurance. When you email the Cav, please be sure to email Fletcher Potanin by CC on on all booking requests. Again, Fletcher manages and approves all basketball bookings to ensure there are no overlaps with games or Rep teams and that the correct teams receive the correct bookings.

If there is no indoor cour availability, try booking an outdoor court instead. There's three courts out there and so plenty of avability. And apart from a few months of the year, you'll get a pretty good run outdoors without rain. Plus the Cav has recently installed lights so that you can train later into the evening during the winter months.



  1. Please remember to bring your own water bottle & towel - players pease wipe down all seats after your game

  2. Teams, please ask your players and spectators to leave the area tidy after use - rubbish in bins, lost property in lost property box in foyer etc.  The Cav has requested we return the venue to them in a respectfully tidy way please.

  3. No heels or black soled shoes on the courts

  4. Referee Room - is for referees and officials only please. First Aid can be sought here by Court Controllers or team Covid Marshalls

  5. Follow us on FB for more updates -


Thank you for your cooperation and involvement in Byron Bay Basketball .... because we LOVE this game!

Please remember, we're all volunteers here and we're all trying to have fun with this great game.