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Welcome to the Bee Hive of Byron Bay Basketball

Here you will find everything you need to know to connect with your club.
We hope you are all keen for a new season at Byron Bay Basketball!
Bring on 2021!

Game Days

  • Primary School Boys and Girls
    Saturday morning (Term 2 boys will likely change to Monday)
  • High School Boys
    Wednesday Night
  • High School Girls
    Thursday Night
  • Mixed Comp
    Tuesday Night
  • Mens Comp
    Thursday Night

IMPORTANT CHANGE TO USUAL SEASON - Cavanbah has advised the courts are scheduled to be resurfaced from the 29th of March to the 18th of April) meaning we will break one week before school holidays this year and be out of action for 3 weeks.  The season dates will be reflected on Sports TG in due course.

To secure a senior team’s nomination, a duty referee must be declared. This person must be willing to undertake referee training and to referee under the supervision of a supervising referee for at least one competition. Each senior team must also do their rostered Bench Duty.

Covid Updates:
Contrary to many opinions Covid restrictions for indoor venues in  2021 will not be changing much.  In fact after some board members met with the team at the Cavanbah Centre the association and all its members have been tasked to upping our game in line with our Covid Plan and implement the covid plan more effectively this season.  

What does this mean? Well basically volunteers are going to be needed more than ever this season to implement the requirements properly.  Every team will need to nominate one person as their Covid Marshall who will;

  1. Hold players at entrance until courts are ready for the next game and usher them in at the appropriate time

  2. Balls, seating and benches are wiped clean

  3. Ask people to adhere to the 1 person per 2 square meter rule

  4. If they are unavailable for their rostered time slot - find another team member or parent to fill their spot

Don’t worry, we can hear you all groaning!  We don’t love that writing this either but it is what it is and if we don’t follow these guidelines ultimately the pressures fall on a small group of existing volunteers and if we are audited hefty fines could apply.  Personally we would ask each of you to please get involved so we can focus on the fun of just playing basketball.

Court Bookings

Any teams or groups that would like to make private court bookings are asked to book through Claire.  If you book through BBBA your players will be covered by insurance.  If you book directly with Cavanbah you are not covered by insurance.  For this reason please direct these inquiries to Claire on


Reminder, please park in the allocated car spaces.  Please don’t park in the bus zone. 


  1. Please remember to bring your own water bottle & towel

  2. Teams, please ask your players and spectators to leave the area tidy after use - rubbish in bins, lost property in lost property box in foyer etc.  The Cav has requested we return the venue to them in a respectfully tidy way please.

  3. No heels on the courts

  4. Ref Room - is for referees and officials only please. 

  5. Follow us on FB for more updates -

We wish everyone an EPIC season.. LETS GO!!