New Player Interest

Want to join Byron Basketball as a Player?

Fantastic! Thanks so much for choosing to play with us Byron Beez!

We want to cultivate the love of basketball in all our Players, Coaches and Volunteers (and we're all volunteers here). So we have two guiding principles here to help us do that:

  1. Mates playing with Mates - We can't always make this happen, but we sure try hard to facilitate it because playing with friends is so much more fun! Having said that, don't be afraid to make new friends through basketball. They'll be with you for life.
  2. The Spirit of Healthy Competition - We grade our Competitions where we can (Mens and Highschool Boys in particular) so that wherever possible we can match you with a Team and a Competition that best suits your skill level as a player. There's nothing more un-fun than blow out games week in and week out. In our smaller Comps where we don't have as many teams, we're not shy about balnacing out players ... because it's in everyone's best interests that we make every effort to make every game fun and thrilling, right down to the wire if we can.

So if you feel like you can work in with us on that basis, let us know more about yourself (or your child)!

Please complete our New Player Interest Form and we'll be back in touch within 3 business days with a greeting and hopefully some good news about a team option.

And if you have a lot of players that want to form a new team, please contact Fletcher on or and we'll let you know if that's possible at this time.


New Player Interest Form