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Registering your team for the upcoming season is easy! And it doesn't cost anything to nominate. 

Nominate a Team for the upcoming Season!

: Team nominations open 4-6 weeks before a Season - ie in July for the Spring Season (Aug to Dec) or in January for the Autumn Season (Feb to June).

It is very difficult to add teams mid season, but we can always accommodate your players in other teams until the next season begins. If that doesn't suit you, reach out to to see what's possible. Or look out for weekly scrimmages and pick up games at the Cav every Saturday afteroon.

When you register at the link below the system will automatically let you email your players to register into the team, so please be prepared with your team's email contacts.

If you're re-nominating a team, the system will automatically invite you to email current team members. If you're nominating a new team or inviting new players, you'll also be able to add their email addresses.

We have several Competitions and some are more full to capacity than others.

Thanks for your interest in playing with Byron Basketball! We look forward to welcoming you into the Competiion soon!


Competition Team Capacity Current Staus

Juniors (U12-U18)




High School Girls (HSG U14-U18)

7 4 Open
High School Boys (HSB U14-U18) 19 17  

Pool A

7 7 Full

Pool B

7 6 Open

Pool C Developing (3x3 format)

5 4 Open
Primary School Girls (PSG U12) 7 4 Open
Primary School Boys (PSB U12) 7 4 Open

Seniors (Over 18s)




Men's Pool A

7 3 Open

Men's Pool B

7 4 Open
Mixed Women & Men 7 7 Full
Womens NA   Closed