Player Registration & Game Fees

Thanks so much for your interest in joining Byron Bay Basketball! We have a number of exciting Basketball Competitions running this year...

Our Competitions

Juniors - 35 Teams (casual 3x3 competitions only till Xmas 2021)

  • Primary School Girls - 4-5 Teams playing on Saturday morning
  • Primary School Boys - 4-5 Teams playing Saturday morning (Oct to March) or Monday afternoon (April to Sept)
  • High School Girls - 4-5 Teams playing Thursday afternoon
  • High School Boys - 15-20 Teams with Pool A & B playing Wednesday afternoon and Pool C Developing plaing Monday afternoon (April to Sept) and Thurdsday evening (till Xmas 2021) 

Seniors - 20 Teams (postponed till Feb 2022)

  • Mixed Competition - Women & Men having fun together (5-7 Teams, we always need more ladies)
  • Mens Competition - A Grade (very competitve) and B Grade (competitive, but social)

Register & Play Today

You can register and pay fees here. Once you've registered we'll find you a team. Contact...

  • Seniors - Samara Carney on
  • Juniors - Fletcher Potanin on

As a Player, there are three kinds of fees

We have a "no pay, no play" policy in place which means you can come have a look at how it works but we'll ask you to be registered by your next time at the courts...

1. Annual Registration Fees - this is comprised of...

  • State Registration Fees - between $40 and $70 for Juniors and $85 for Seniors
  • Club Registration Fees (for insurance) - between $16 and $30 for Juniors and $18 for Seniors

Pay Registration Fees Here!


2. Game Fees for each Season - we have two seasons per year...

  • Spring Season July to December - $145 for Juniors and $190 for Seniors
  • Autumn Season February to June - $145 for Juniors and $190 for Seniors

Pay Game Fees Here! 


Note: If you're catching up on last Season's Game Fees, please go here instead.


3. Representative Team Fees - we have two levels of representative teams, if you're selected at trials

  • NCS - North Coast Shield in the Spring Season - season fees between $150 and $250 per player, team depending
  • NJL - Junior Premier League, North Division, in the Autumn Season - season fees approximately $500 per player, plus uniforms

Pay Rep Team Fees Here!